Feed Me Fight Me is a Veteran-founded company. Upon returning to their civilian lives, the founders were seeing many of their friends battle mental health issues and simply wanted to do something about it.

Their successful journey started with a shirt. During the era of the 'Hangry' movement, they had decided to coin the term Feed Me or Fight Me. They threw it on a t-shirt, and it caught on. For something that requires a lot of motivation, activewear can be pretty uninspiring. The company’s hope is to create activewear that inspires, without compromising performance.

In January 2022, OpenStore acquired Feed Me Fight Me to continue to empower and inspire fitness junkies and newbies alike. With the standards of quality, design and commitment, Feed Me Fight Me is honored and excited to continue producing the apparels you have come to love, while continuing to make a positive impact on the world.

We are combating mental health issues through activewear. Not only does fitness help improve the mind, but a portion of each purchase goes straight to Northwest Battle Buddies, a non-profit, who provides free, professionally-trained service dogs to combat veterans with PTSD.